This past week a small group of people (10 of us) began a study about water walking.  Now you might be thinking … WHAT, no one can walk on water!   For the next six weeks our group will be reading and discussing the book by John Ortberg titled “If You Want to Walk on Water You Have to get out of the Boat”.  I’m hoping to use this blog over the course of the next few weeks to share some of our insights from this study and to perhaps get you, the reader, thinking about what “boat” you are in that’s preventing you from water walking.

Perhaps it would be best to define our boats.  These are anything that we find ourselves stuck in such things as jobs, relationships or situations where we might just be afraid to make a move.  You see, in our scripture story, 12 followers of Jesus were in a boat, stuck on the sea, with gale force winds, not allowing them to go anywhere and tossing them around.   Now I want to tell you that these followers were fishermen so they shouldn’t have been caught off-guard or afraid of the sea they were on as they fished it daily.  Does this picture provide you a better picture of a boat or a life situation in which you might find yourself in or have been in?  Our group discussed many possible “boats” we currently find ourselves in or have been previously in.

The challenge to water walking is to have us get out of our “boats”, whatever they might be.  The boats represent security “things” we hang on to.  We talked about what fears hold us back from getting out of our boats as well as how often, through those fears, we settle for just being comfortable and never get out of the boat i.e., don’t look to change a job or perhaps get out of a relationship.

Three things we discovered this week were:

  • God invites us to step out of the boat.  He is always there with us and will walk with us not only through the storms of life, but takes our hand as we climb from our boats.
  • It’s just as risky to step out of the boat as it is to become comfortable and stay in our boats.
  • Jesus is always looking for water walkers.

I hope you’ll follow us as next week we look at what it means to be a boat potato.