In last week’s blog I mentioned that we would be looking at what it means to be a “boat potato”.  Simply put, think about the term “couch potato” and what it represents.  You get nice and cozy on that couch or in that recliner and just don’t want to move.  With the ease of having remotes, you don’t even have to get up and change the channels anymore.   Yes, I am old enough to remember having to manually change that TV channel (and fix the bunny ears).  That’s a couch potato.   It’s becoming way too comfortable in a particular setting.  As mentioned last week when I talked about getting out of our “boats” – becoming a “boat potato”  means we have become way to comfortable with a situation, or perhaps a relationship (even if we know we need to do something differently) and for one reason or another are afraid to take a risk or make a move.  We are “stuck”.  When we become stuck we can also become stagnant.

This week in our small group, we looked at the different gifts God has given each of us.  And no, being a couch potato is not one of them.  In our video segment this week the author shared a family story about his grandmother.  You see while she was growing up she was given gifts of china dishes; but the grandmother never used them.  They were always in a box, in the attic stored and hidden.   After the grandmother’s passing, the grandfather asked the author’s mother if she would like them.  The china was blue, her favorite color.  She used them every chance she got.  She saw them as a valuable and priceless gift but that did not stop her from using them.  Did she take a risk in using them?  Absolutely!  By using them, she knew that they may get chipped or cracked, but she saw them as too great a gift not to use them.  The grandmother too, saw them as quite valuable, but the difference is she chose not to take them out of the box.

As children of God, we too are given gifts – or as our scripture described “talents”.  Today, our talents represent our time, abilities, passions and treasures.  God entrusts us with the talents he gives us.  Each person is given their own talent(s) based upon their abilities.  During our discussion time this week, we shared what talents we each thought we had as well as what talents we saw in each other, based upon how someone uses their talents.

Today, my three year old granddaughter was watching Dinosaur Train on PBS.  A line in today’s story caught my attention.  One dinosaur said to another “A talent like yours needs to be shared”. You see, this one dinosaur had a wonderful talent for singing, but didn’t think he was good enough or talented enough so he went away and hid from others and just hummed and sang to himself.  It took the encouragement of the other dinosaurs to tell him that his gift was worth being shared.  And so it is with us.

Our three discoveries this week were:

  1. God has given each of us gifts according to our ability.  They are valuable, priceless and unique to each of us.
  2. God allows us to decide whether or not to use the gift(s).  Is it too precious to use, or is it too precious not to use?
  3. God desires all of us to grow.  The opposite of growth is stagnation. Stagnation leads to boat potatoes.

To choose to use the gifts provided means to step out of our boats, out of our comfort zones and into a walk of faith.  To bury that gift is to be a boat potato; to become stagnant and eventually unusable.  Will you chose to use your gifts and talents or will you chose to bury them?