Thorndale Church exists to be a Christ-centered community, actively engaging all people to restore what has been broken in our world.

Christ-Centered Community

At the core, we are followers of Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate example of love. In all that we do, we strive to follow His teachings by proclaiming truth and showing grace. We do this together, not alone.  We share our lives with one another, celebrating each other’s achievements and joys, and supporting each other in times of struggle.

Actively Engaging

We are not called to sit on the sidelines, but to enter into the chaos of real life. We walk with each other, growing as we discover who Christ is and who He’s calling us to become. Following Jesus is not a spectator sport.

All People

In Christ, we are all equal and welcome. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

To Restore what has Been Broken

In community, we will seek to re-establish healthy relationships in every sphere of existence.  With oneself, person to person, people to creation, nation to nation, and people to God.  This is not just a theoretical exercise.  Everyday, we seek to live lives that breathe life and wholeness into the people we come in contact with.  Regardless of whether we’re crunching numbers behind a desk, or serving in a soup kitchen we believe that God has the power to work through us to bring real and lasting change to our world.