Excited to share  Thanksgiving dinner with your family?  Would you like to help another family have a great Thanksgiving too?  Many families in our local community are struggling to have enough food to eat.  These families rely on food pantries and donations to make ends meet.  But you can help give families in Caln a nutritious and delicious Thanksgiving meal!

During November, we will be collecting food donations to be packed in backpacks for the children at Caln Elementary school who are part of the Chester County Food Bank backpack program.  Then at fam jam on November 24th, we will pack each of the 75 backpacks with food items to be delivered to the children to take home on Monday.  Food items to be placed in each backpack include:

  • box of stuffing (6oz)
  • packet of mashed potatoes (4oz)
  • dry gravy mix
  • can of green beans (14.5oz)
  • can of cream of mushroom soup (10.5oz)
  • fried onions (2.8oz)
  • can of cranberry sauce (8oz)
  • lg can of chicken (10 or 12oz)
  • apple or cherry pie filling (20 oz)
  • Jiffy pie crust mix (9oz)

You can help in three different ways:

  1. Purchase the food for a whole backpack (a great activity to do together with your kids!)
  2. Donate a few items from the list above
  3. Sponsor a backpack with a financial donation of $15

Food donations can be dropped off at Thorndale United Methodist Church Monday-Friday between 8:30 and 4:00 or on Sunday mornings before or after worship services.  For more information contact the office at 610-384-2433 or thorndaleumc@verizon.net

Thanks for helping make this Thanksgiving wonderful for every child!