A labyrinth is a meditative walking path with a defined entrance and a singular route to the center. Labyrinths in various forms have been a part of human history since ancient times. Most modern labyrinths are based, in part,on the one found on the floor of the cathedral in Chartres, France which was constructed in the early part of the thirteenth century. Over the years, labyrinths have been used as a form of prayer, meditation, and spiritual pilgrimage.

From Palm Sunday afternoon through Wednesday evening, we are privileged to be able to have the use of a labyrinth. The labyrinth walk is a form of personal prayer and may be embarked upon for a specific reason or a more general purpose. When you visit the labyrinth, there will be information provided for you to give you some direction, but the walk is really very personal so come with a specific need or question in mind; or come to meditate on Holy Week; or just come with the expectation of meeting God in a way that may be different from any you’ve experienced.