The Glory of Christmas

• by Jimmy and Carol Owens
• presented by the Chancel Choir of Thorndale UMC
• Sunday, December 15, Thorndale UMC Worship Center, 7:00 PM

Christmas is probably the loveliest time of the year. Even if you don’t believe, there’s something about it that makes you wish and makes you hope. All of us like to be a part of the warmth, the glow, the love and the joy of Christmas. So we shop and sing, feast and have fellowship, hoping that when Christmas day is over, something of its wonderful spirit will still be hovering over our homes and stirring in our hearts just a few days longer.

All of these things are nice, but it’s not what Christmas is all about. What we need to realize and understand that “Christmas isn’t Christmas till it happens in your heart.” We must let Jesus warm our hearts like a winter fire. We must let Jesus’ birth move us as it did the shepherds and the Wise Men a long time ago. Like them, we must go to Bethlehem and experience the birth of our Savior for ourselves. But how do we do that 2,000 years after that first Christmas night?

Jimmy and Carol Owens have composed a cantata the enables listeners to rediscover the story of the nativity. Presented in a fresh and contemporary manner, the old, old story about the birth of Jesus will come alive in narration and song! This beautiful retelling of the Christmas story will be presented by the Chancel Choir on Sunday evening, December 15 at 7:00 PM in the Worship Center of Thorndale United Methodist Church. A time of fellowship and light refreshments will follow the cantata.

We hope that everyone in our church family and many members in our community will come to our church on Sunday evening, December 15, to welcome Jesus into our hearts with songs of joy!