Meet and Greet

Curious about who we are and what to expect at Thorndale Church?  Join us at one of our Meet and Greet sessions.  These sessions are geared to those who are new to Thorndale Church.  Come and meet some of our staff and leaders.  Learn about the mission and vision of Thorndale Church and discover how to become connected.  Feel free to bring questions you may have about the church and our ministries.

Meet and Greets are informal one-hour sessions held throughout the year in the Kid Jam area immediately following our 10AM service.  Childcare can be available with advanced sign-up.

Starting Point

Growing spiritually doesn’t happen by itself or by yourself.  It happens in community.  What if you could find a new starting point for your faith and continue?  A starting point that doesn’t gloss over difficult issues or give simple answers.  As children we were willing to take things at face value, trusting the adults in our lives to guide and nurture us.  As we grew up many of us because more and more disillusioned by a faith that didn’t seem to take into account the reality and struggles of adult life.  At Thorndale Church we desire to come alongside you on this journey, as you figure out what’s next.

  • Are you someone who is curious and seeking to know more about God, Jesus and the Christian faith?
  • Have you just begun a personal relationship with Jesus and want to go deeper?
  • Have you been away from church for a while and want to get back on course?

Our Starting Point classes are designed for you!  No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, there is a place for you.  Whether you are curious, new, or returning to the Christian faith we believe our Starting Point classes will help you grow, deepen, and reclaim your faith journey.  We gather in small group settings for 8 weeks to have conversations with each other about Faith, Jesus, and Grace to name a few topics.

Our Starting Point classes are offered twice a year, in fall and spring.