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Gratitude > Grumbling


We all know that complaining gets us nowhere, really quickly.  In fact, it usually gets us further behind than anything else.  The lens through which we look at the world contributes a great deal to our happiness.  Maybe there’s a better perspective that we could take.

The Comparison Trap


  Do you know any Eeyore’s in your life?  You know, someone who always has something negative to say.  It doesn’t matter if things are going great or terrible, they always know how to bring everyone around them down a notch.  This week, Pastor Mark talked a bit about some of the traps that we […]

The Pursuit of Happiness


Why does happiness seem so elusive sometimes? Have you ever felt like the more you searched for it, the less often it has been found? This week Pastor Mark talked about the difference between happiness and joy.  We often get the two confused, and instead of choosing joy, we chase happiness.  Kevin also had an […]



Pastor talks this week about our God who makes all things possible.  Our God does not simply sit above and dictate how things should be, rather God invites all who claim to be followers of Christ to be difference makers in the world.  As disciples of Christ we are called to live in such a […]

Preparing for Christmas


This week we had the privilege of hearing from our District Superintendent, Joe Tyson, who was in town to meet with our churches leadership. Joe shared about preparing for the Christmas season and how to fight off some of the hurry and worry that tend to keep us from experiencing all the Joy that God has for us in this season.