Sermons by Cheryl Faust

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The Resurrected

This week after Easter, we wrapped up our Grave Robber series by worshiping together, sharing stories of God working in our lives and even listening to some special music.  The reality is that God’s presence is very near.  When we seek after God on a regular basis, we have our eyes opened to what God […]

Draw the Circle


This week we had a special service where several people shared about their experiences reading the book Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson.  Close to half of our attending congregation has been reading and praying through this book for the past month and we are finding it to be a life changing experience.

Fruitfulness or fruitlessness


This week, we had the pleasure of having Cheryl Faust speak for us.  Cheryl took a passage from John 15 and talked about what being a disciple of Jesus really means.  Often this message gets watered down, but Jesus was very clear that following him is not an easy task.  It is difficult and can […]