Sermons by Rev. Tom Davis-Shappell

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Fellowship (pt 2)


This week, Pastor Tom talks about fellowship.  What does it mean that we are included in God’s family?  Listen in. **due to the length of the sermon this week, and the inclusion of a special music piece by Tim Eaton, the sermon is divided into two parts this week**

Marks of Discipleship


In his latest sermon discussing the vision of the church, Pastor Tom uses Lydia and Apollos from the book of acts as examples of what it looks like to be a disciple of Christ.  What kind of attributes should we have, and what kind of actions should back up those attributes.  Lydia exudes hospitality, while […]

Backyard Missionaries


In this sermon, Pastor Tom talks about the need for Christians to talk about their faith in their own contexts.  Whether it be at work, or home, or when we’re out with friends, our faith should be central to our lives.  It should be important enough to us that we desire to share it with […]

From Boredom to Boldness


Over the next several weeks, Pastor Tom will be talking about the mission of our church.  What our dreams and goals are.  Where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Based on the book of Acts in the New Testament, Pastor Tom reminds us that the church wasn’t created as a social club or even an […]

Q & A with Pastor Tom (part 1)


After announcing his planned retirement this week, Pastor Tom wanted to take some time after our Unity Service yesterday to answer questions about his decision and where our church is headed from here. This is an exciting time for our congregation as we both thank Pastor Tom for his years of service to our community, […]



Pastor talks this week about our God who makes all things possible.  Our God does not simply sit above and dictate how things should be, rather God invites all who claim to be followers of Christ to be difference makers in the world.  As disciples of Christ we are called to live in such a […]