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Checklist for a healthy family


This week, Pastor continued our series on Family by talking about some essential guidelines for nurturing a healthy family.  Whatever your family looks like, wherever you are, these are some things to really think about.  The difficulty is not often hearing what to do though.  So, after Pastor’s talk, take a few minutes to reflect […]

The Kingdom comes to marriages


In worship this Sunday, we examined one of the hardest topics many people face – divorce, and how the church responds. All too often we don’t come to the issue of marriage and divorce with a kingdom mind.  We are quick to make assumptions and even quicker to judge.  We welcome your responses – how […]

Love and Conflict, wk. 2


This week Pastor Mark continued the conversation he started last week on conflict.  The scripture for the day was a famous passage from 1 Cor 13, which the entire congregation read together.  Pastor went on to discuss some very practical ways to deal with difficult people, as well as challenging everyone to actually go and […]