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Who are you Inviting to the Banquet?


Living in the Kingdom of God often presses in on our comfort zone.  This week Pastor Mark explains how Jesus’ actions and words pushed the buttons of the social elite.  The dinner party that Jesus describes in Luke 14 is one where the “in-crowed” is knocked off its pedestal and the “out-crowed” is elevated and […]

The Kingdom comes to marriages


In worship this Sunday, we examined one of the hardest topics many people face – divorce, and how the church responds. All too often we don’t come to the issue of marriage and divorce with a kingdom mind.  We are quick to make assumptions and even quicker to judge.  We welcome your responses – how […]

A Kingdom Mind


This week, continuing on our series “The Kingdom of God” Pastor Mark talked about what it means to have a mindset that is focused on the Kingdom.  In the first century, the Zealots believed that the Kingdom of God was achieved through violence, the Essenes through purity, and the Sadducees through compromise.  On specific occasions […]

The Kingdom of God


This week Pastor Mark began our new series on the Kingdom of God by talking about the Gospel Jesus preached.  Jesus didn’t come to earth so that we could escape all of the trouble, hurt and pain that comes with being human, he came in order to begin to change the way the world works. […]