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Unopened Gifts

by Cheryl Faust

In last week’s blog I mentioned that we would be looking at what it means to be a “boat potato”.  Simply put, think about the term “couch potato” and what it represents.  You get nice and cozy on that couch or in that recliner and just don’t want to move.  With the ease of having […]

Water Walking

by Cheryl Faust

This past week a small group of people (10 of us) began a study about water walking.  Now you might be thinking … WHAT, no one can walk on water!   For the next six weeks our group will be reading and discussing the book by John Ortberg titled “If You Want to Walk on Water […]

Not the End, but Just the Beginning

by Cheryl Faust

Sunday, June 1 was Pastor Tom’s last Sunday.  After 41 years of ministry he has decided to retire.  We, as the family of TUMC, will dearly miss him, but we also wish him the best in his retirement years.  Although it is the end of his active ministry within the church, it is just a […]

Joyfully Giving Thanks

by Cheryl Faust

This morning, after traveling over the holidays I actually found myself in my own home for the first time in six days.  Oh, the peace and quiet.   Most mornings I try to make the time to do some Bible reading and prayer and quiet reflection.  This morning I truly valued this time, as I just […]