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The adult ministries at TUMC exist to help form intentional, strong relationships that really matter.  This life is not always easy.  It is through our trust in God and our relationships with others that we are made strong enough to handle anything that comes our way.

In response to God’s love, Jesus calls us to draw closer to Him; to accept Him as our Saviour and lead lives that are pleasing to God. He does not expect us to do this all on our own.  God calls the adults of his Church to leadership and to fellowship with one another so that each may be encouraged and accountable.

Small Groups

The Women’s Ministries of TUMC exist to promote community and spiritual growth in women of all ages and walks of life.

  • Afternoon Group: 2:00pm Tuesdays (conference room)
Adult Sunday School

​There are several adult bible studies available on Sundays.  Our current bible studies are:

  • Conference Room – Cheryl Faust, after church service on Sundays, open to everyone.
  • Senior High Room – David Dwyer, Open to both men and woman of all ages

For more information on any of these ministries please contact the office at


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