It’s that time of year again when the Good Lord occasionally sees fit to drop piles and piles of white stuff all over the place.  Sometimes these ‘snow storms’ happen on weekends and instead of getting to skip work, we’re forced to miss out on worship.  So, for your information here’s what we plan to do if and when that happens!

  • For 8:30 AM worship – a decision shall be made NLT 6PM on Saturday evening.
  • For 10 AM worship, if the conditions warrant a decision being made at the same time as for the 8:30 it will be made at that time.  If a decision can be delayed, it shall be made no later than 7AM on Sunday morning.
  • As soon as a decision has been made, it will be posted on the church website, facebook page, and a phone-blast will be sent out to everyone on the list