3503 Lincoln Hwy. East
Thorndale PA. 19372

We want to encourage everyone in our community to get involved in the life of the church. Our faith is not simply personal, it is also communal.  Because of this we offer many different opportunities for people to be involved.

Adult Ministries

Our Adult Ministries center around relationships with one another and with God through Christ.  We offer groups for Men and Women of all ages, from bible studies to social gatherings and trips.

Kid Jam Children’s Ministries

The goal of the children’s ministry is to be a place where children meet and experience God. We desire to partner with families to introduce children to Jesus and help them grow in their faith. We believe that children can understand what Jesus has done for them, experience his love, and communicate it to their friends. We want to disciple children so that they can better understand God’s love for them and so that they are equipped to share that love with God’s big world.

Music Ministries

Churches have used music as an integral part of worship for thousands of years and for many different reasons.  Music has an innate ability to connect us with the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds.  It can trigger memories long forgotten, stir feelings, and evoke images and responses that mere words never can.  In our church, we use music to teach, to praise, to remember, and to join with one another in joy and sorrow.  We sing songs that are old, new, local and foreign so that we can be connected to the church throughout time and worldwide.


One of our core beliefs is that the Good News of reconciliation with God, neighbor, and self is so powerful and transformative that we are compelled to share it with others.  We do this in many different ways from planting and maintaining a community garden to short term trips abroad to supporting long term missionaries throughout the world.  The love and power of God cannot be contained.

For more information on any of our ministries, please contact us at 610.384.2433


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